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Release Notes


v2.0.alpha2.5 (19.11.25)

Improving touch interface

Project download/upload feature

v2.0.alpha2.4 (19.08.23)

Support iPad (touch interface) - long tap to open context menu

Improving node graph visibility using bezier curves

Improving controls in preview window

Improving project list page visibility

Improving interface for VR (e.g., hiding toolbar, selection interface)

Long press of Cardboard VR Button for play/stop

SSL encrypted - support recent browsers' sensors (VR)

Fix loading error

v2.0.alpha2.3' (18.02.12)

Supporting example project import (on project list page)

v2.0.alpha2.3 (18.09.26)

Fix invisible human error (error of overlapping with other human)

Fix human position reset error

Fix subtitle error

Let position of cloned node be editable

Remove cursor selection on viewer for iOS

Add fullscreen webapp function for iOS (add to homescreen with project manager)

v2.0.alpha2.2 (18.09.12)

Add Google authentification

Add sketch export

Fix invisible human error

v2.0.alpha2.1 (18.09.10)

Adjust the opacity of chase target for VR mode

Add rewind button to step back to the previous shift

Add Handheld Sketch

Add move and scale of sketcher

Add node clone feature

Add opacity for description text of inactive nodes

Fix loading error

v2.0.alpha2 (18.09.09)

Now human model walks for distant destination

Add thin inner stroke for human model

Fix selection error of nodes (interrupting by other universes)

Fix for reset timeline viewport when stopping

Fixed project list height

6 premade actions were added (For new project)

Fix for triggering action errors

v2.0.alpha1.1 (18.09.05)

Support multi-touch screens for making actions

Fix position error of setting floor

Add autosave (interval: 5 minutes)

Update English manual

Migrate server to new machine

v2.0.alpha1 (18.09.03)

Fix pen/touch input event for sketcher

Fix an error that human objects could not attach on the sketch object just after loaded

Add image-paste function for sketcher

Add clear function for sketcher

Add a function to make sketch object be floor

v2.0.alpha0 (18.08.29)

First Deployment